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Public Speaking Crush It! has just been launched and released through the ClickBank marketplace.

This product is not the typical lame ebook that you see on the internet about succeeding in public speaking.

This 16 week home study course consists of 16 audio interviews with recognized experts in public speaking, transcripts from those interviews, articles on public speaking, and weekly challenges to reinforce the training.

This product shows people not only how to overcome their fear of public speaking, but how to project their voice to an audience, how to quickly determine the personality of an audience, how to setup and run a perfect seminar, how to use humor effectively in your speeches, and how to even become a keynote speaker and command thousands of dollars per speech.

Our target audience are business people and entrepreneurs, who want to become better at speaking in public.

This market is huge! Everyone wants to become a more polished, calm, public speaker.

Promote Public Speaking Crush It!, help people in their businesses and career, and get paid for it.

The selling price of this program is $47.00 per month for four months, and you earn 60% of the monthly subscription fee.

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Email 1

Subject: Become A Public Speaker Without Fear


The fear of public speaking can be overwhelming. The dry mouth, the butterflies in your stomach, the anxiety that keeps you from speaking.

Discover how to finally learn how to overcome your fear of public speaking:

In this public speaking course you will learn practical strategies on handling and overcoming your fear. For example, most speakers sit at the front of the audience before being introduced. Instead, use this powerful entrance strategy and take control of the room and yourself before you utter a single word.

Want to learn more? Get "Public Speaking Crush It!" here:


Email 2

Subject: Become A More Dynamic and Successful Speaker


Have you ever found yourself in front of an audience, feeling unprepared and insecure? You no longer need to be in that anxious or unconfident place.

This unique 16-week public speaking home study course will equip you with secrets shared by experts in the speaking industry so that you can be a confident and powerful speaker.

This public speaking course will furnish you with the skills and tools you need to give you confidence and personal power as you stand in front of your next audience.

And that is just the beginning. You will also discover how to be well paid for doing what you love speaking and sharing your message.

Interested in creating other revenue streams from your speaking engagements besides the speaker fee?

Get all of these incredible tips, tricks, and secrets from 16 public speaking experts.

Get "Public Speaking Crush It!" here:



Email 3

Subject: Be More Prepared for Your Next Speaking Engagement


Do you have a message to share with others but are unsure everything involved leading up to the day? Or maybe you have opportunities to speak but know there are things you can do after the event to continue to spread the word?

Introducing PublicSpeakingCrushIt! 16-week online study course. This course provides the tools you need to cover all aspects from how to promote your event: what to wear, how to read and connect with your audience, and much, much more.

Download and listen to exclusive interviews with 16 experts in the speaking industry. All of them started right where you are now. But you have an opportunity to learn short cuts from these speakers.

Discover what they learned and become a polished, dynamic speaker. This home study course is comprehensive, and features audio interviews in mp3 format that you can download and listen to at any time, written transcripts of those interviews, and weekly articles and challenges to make sure that you take action.

Intrigued? Take it for a test drive for less than a dinner at a fast food restaurant. Learn more about "Public Speaking Crush It!" here:



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